Friday, May 13, 2022

Doorknob and Key decorations for a Wonderland Prom


The thing with Alice in Wonderland, is that you don't want to leave anything out or someone will say, "What about the Queen of Hearts? Why didn't you use any chess pieces? Where are the hats and tea cups?" So I started with a list and came up with ideas could include each part of the book.

I had collected a bunch of free mat board and frames from a frame store that was going out of business, so when my coworker said she bought some keys to go with the theme, I hot glued them to the board and frames and more mat board. This was displayed on an eisel.

Bigger is better however when it comes to big spaces and visually impaired students, so I made a giant doorknob. This was also almost free. Glue sticks and spray paint do cost money, but the four foot chip board, the cardboard boxes, that I cut up and large cardboard cylinders from empty packing tape rolls were salvaged garbage. I used the same clear plastic plate, I used to make the pocket watches last month, and decorated the cardboard and plate door knob with caulk before hot gluing it all together and spray painting it gold.  The red roses and leaves are from the last bits of bulletin board paper on large rolls. These are the same roses made for the school Christmas tree a year and a half ago. This picture doesn't show the finished piece but we were getting there at this point.

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