Saturday, May 14, 2022

Alice in the Rabbit Hole decoration

It's easy to make a pair of Alice legs out of cardboard and tissue paper. I used the white cardboard from a trifold board. I just cut the calves and feet, leaving enough cardboard at the top to fold into a stand.

You'll want to cut an extra triangle to hold up the back so it stands on it's own, if you plan on putting it against a wall or in a corner. 

Stack tissue paper. I put white on the top and blue on the bottom. Then you fold it accordion, cut notches in the middle and tie it with a string or wire. Cut the corners off the ends to round them out.

Open the folds and gently pull the tissues apart to fluff up the skirt. You can do the entire thing and glue it to the front, since you have that triangle cardboard stand on the back, or you can cut a slit through the middle (between the knees) and pull half the tissue paper through to the back so that the fluffy skirt will hold up the legs, in which case you can lose the triangle stand. The project only took one class period with a couple students working.


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