Saturday, December 11, 2021

Set Painting with Stencils

Making sets and backdrops for students with visual impairments is very doable.

Working large makes things easier to see. And using just one solid color makes it harder to mess up. I can always go back and fill in any spots that are thin or missing.
Paint tape or masking tape also defines areas and protects parts of sets where you don't want paint. It works best for straight lines like the windows for the winter program next week, or the stripes on a flag for the Veteran's Day concert last month.
Plastic stencils can be used for tracing or for sponging paint into the shapes, such as the snowflakes for our Christmas party photo back drop this week.

For organic, one-of-a-kind areas, we traced shapes with Wiki Stix. This was a tactile edge and worked well for students to feel, which parts of the shape still needed painted. Because it meant finger prints were inevitable it was perfect for making stones before adding the mortar colored paint in between. Big Artwork makes a big impact, and everyone should get to participate at their own level.


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