Saturday, December 11, 2021

Christmas Party Decorations

As the co-planner of our school's annual student Christmas party, I try to remember that four things are required for a great party: decorations, festive music, good food, and fun activities. Music is easy with online holiday music, and fireplace videos with background music. Activities can amount to a few tables of board or party games, and a karaoke station. So it's just food and decorations that require the bulk of the planning.

This year, we used last year's Festival of Trees decorations. I kept 200 pastel paper roses in garbage bags all year, so I'd have them handy for this year. (See last December's blog to see how to make them.)

I bought a roll of blue table cloths which were topped with poinsettias, grown on campus and donated by the horticulture teacher. We sprinkled each table with snowflake confetti.

The back of the library was the Santa photo station. with the blue and white snowflake panels we painted in art class.  

By creating a couple of visual focal points and spreading a set color pallet throughout, you can make a space that help people get into the spirit of things the moment they enter it.


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