Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Photo College Self-Portrait Project

Last week, my high schoolers elevated the idea of "selfie" to abstracted self-portraits. They took printed images of themselves, cut them into strips and created photo collages. The sky was the limit.

Some students used a mix of color and black and white, either by tearing or cutting out parts of of one and gluing it to the other.

Others wove the strips of two photographs together.

It's such a fun and easy project. I always like to demonstrate how to use a glue stick by having a scrap piece of paper for glue application. It helps to drag a strip under a glue stick held in the same place, that way there's not glue all over the place. Another piece of scrap paper can go on top of the collage between each newly added strip to rub the piece down without marring the surface of the image. It is a project that teaches craftsmanship, medium, and techniques. Everyone was so excited with the final results.


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