Friday, May 28, 2021

Bead Board Upcycling Project

After my family finished a home improvement project, we had strips of left over bead board. I cut many of them into small enough pieces to ship in a large envelop to my distance learning students along with a fat sharpie marker, and the rest I used for the students in my classroom to work together to create a large wall piece of art for the school. They decided to use light blue and peach to create a complimentary color scheme, so they painted the strips in the wood, before creating patterns and zentangle designs with sharpies: variations on spirals, checker board, weaving, zig zags etc. Once the individual boards were nearly full of pattern, we finished the exposed edges with white tape and then screwed the strips together going horizontally and vertically. Basically, we ended up with a fun, 6 foot piece of art that everyone could contribute to and be proud of while celebrating Earth Day!
Students paint large pieces

Personal pieces were made from small pieces

A virtual student shares her finished art from home

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