Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Architecture Firm field trip

Education is more meaningful when there is a clear connection between what is being taught and real-life application. Do you think architects need to know about important buildings in Art History? Do you think they understand how to use color, form, texture, pattern etc? Absolutely! The principles we study in Art are used in the buildings that surround us. And our architecture unit called for a peek into the projects and the in-and-outs of a favorite architecture firm (BTBB) just a few miles from our school. Architect, Bob Brown, is married to my friend and coworker, Linda, who has been at the Academy for the Blind  for over 30 years. BTBB has been working on so many projects from  rock climbing gym to an ice cream parlor, from classrooms and shops, to loft apartments and even the historic Capricorn Records building. It's hard to drive through downtown Macon without seeing many of the buildings they drew up the plans to build or renovate. 

Students got to hold the massive spec books and blue prints and listen to what a day in the life of an architect is like. Then we were off to pizza for lunch! Hooray for community partners in eduation!

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