Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Community Outreach with and for my Students

It's been quite a week! I took my Art students on a field trip Thursday to decorate a Christmas tree for the Museum of Art and Science's Festival of Trees. My kiddos loved playing with all the science toys and art supplies, and were happy about being served doughnuts, but I hope they remember that community outreach is our goal. We want to support our local museum while advocating for those who our blind. Our tree shows every student at the Academy for the Blind with a homemade, cardboard face, and the snowflakes made with Brailled paper, reinforce the idea that no two children are the same.
That afternoon I was allotted time to present during the keynote address by Dr. Matt Marone for the 2023 Virtual GLOBE North America Regional Meeting. GLOBE stands for Global Learning and Observational Benefits for the Environment and it is part of NASA. I was able to show my student's "Layers of the Atmosphere" claymation video and tactile cloud charts as part of our collaboration with Mercer University and the Museum of Art and Science in making science more accessible.

The evening before, I got to speak to education majors during their Exceptional Child class, about how to teach children with visual impairments. A teacher's job isn't just to teach his or her students the curriculum, but to get others on board with supporting the needs of those students. The fact that I had 3 venues to advocate and educate within 20 hours is proof that people want to be informed. And once you start getting involved, more opportunities come your way.


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