Saturday, November 6, 2021

Ceramic Food Shaped Boxes


Ceramic pie slices are secret boxes that nod to Wayne Thiebaud dessert paintings

From photography to claymation to clay. It's been nothing but smooth transitions between units this year in my art class and hopefully it will continue as I move the students into sculpture in other media. This was a project week because there is almost nothing high school students love more than food. 

The assignment was to use the slab roller and the score and slip technique,  to create a box with a lid, that looks like food. So students are getting a feel for the medium and the processes, while exercising their creative problem solving skills.

Pop Artist, Claus Oldenburg, is the perfect Art History tie in. And I even included snacks as a real world connection (as if they needed one.)

Teaching special needs means I get to hear a student squeal with glee each time they make a chocolate chip and add it to her pie. Just goes to show that big kids need to play too.

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