Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Pinch Pot Sculptures

 Pinch pots are the perfect clay project for little hands. And while some students insisted that their little pot was a pot or a cup or a mug, encouraging a little personification really brings that object to life.

It's easy to find a favorite animal and have students to name body parts of that animal, this fish has fins and a tale, while the parrot has wings and a beak. It's OK to turn the pot on its side to make a monster or frog mouth or turn it upside down. 

Students are also making a choice between whether they want to do a whole body or just a head. Most of them don't realizing their making choices until you start asking questions, like tell me how you decided to have the opening of the pot facing up? I don't want my students to think that default mode is the only mode. I want them to get so used to being asked questions that they ask themselves questions and open up possibilities for future projects.

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