Saturday, April 17, 2021

Ceramic Dish project

Pressing objects into a clay surface is an easy and fun way for kids to create texture. If you take it a step or two further, that experimenting can be made to a completed project by cutting that slab of clay into a circle, square, or rectangle and curving into a soap dish. Of course my students don't care about soap dishes very much,  so I branded it as a dish to keep their earbuds, keys, or jewelry. Each student added a foot to the bottom, a coil of clay in a circle was an easy way to give a round dish some lift. Some students added 3 balls of clay or taller legs on the bottom of their dish, and rectangular tray shapes, usually had two long coils for stability. Glazing takes the surface up a notch and makes it so that it really can be used for fancy guest soaps. 


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