Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Mark, Sets, Motown!

8 ft panels with Stevie, Michael, Aretha, and the Marvelettes, let up on stage

Music students have been practicing all semester for a spring concert full of good Motown classics, by musicians such as the Jackson 5, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and the Marvelletes. Our birch sets had been painted over four or five times and I didn't want to risk peeling paint; plus I thought it might be nice to keep some of the naked wood; so students dismantled past sets and flipped it around to use the back. I outlined high contrast images of some focus musicians for the students to paint within the lines.

Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking our high school students are married to current genres of pop, rap, or country, but in fact, all of my students love Motown in the background when they work. They all start singing when "My Girl" starts playing.

Our  concert was scheduled for next Friday. We have since been closed the school for at least two weeks to slow the spread of COVID 19, but I am hopeful that the concert will still happen one day, and when it does, the sets are set.

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