Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Clay Trivets Art Lesson

This fun clay project teaches children the elements of art: line and shape, as well as coil construction ceramic technique. My elementary school kiddos made trivets for their parents (also learning about form and function), by taking a piece of construction paper and cutting out a shape to use as a pattern. Then they rolled out a clay snake (coil) to outline the edge of the shape. Smaller coils were made into little spirals to fill the inside. The top was blended together (with the child's name scratched on) before flipping it over and peeling the paper off to reveal the pattern once again. (The bottom became the new top.) After the bisque firing, students glazed their pieces and they were fired again. It was a  simple project that taught the standards and resulted in the perfect Mother's Day gift.
Circle, heart, and star shaped trivets made with coils of clay by elementary students who are legally blind

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