Thursday, March 5, 2020

Braille Challenge Binoculars

Every year the emerging Braille readers come to my classroom during the day of Braille Challenge (a state-wide competition) to make a craft. I always try to go with the year's theme, and this year was "Vision" because, you know, it's 2020. So today, I took out my box of empty toilet paper rolls, upholstery fabric scraps, tape, and ribbon to let them glue, wrap, and tape a pair of fake binoculars.  It the world of visual impairment we call telescopes, monocular telescopes, and binoculars, binocular telescopes because....I have no idea why, but it was a good chance to to teach different names for magnifying devices to our students.

They took tiny foam dots to make their initials in Braille. That's their level, but it shows that Braille is cool and useful and hopefully they'll feel good enough about coming to Braille Rookie activities that one day they'll be back to win at Braille Challenge.

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