Monday, March 16, 2020

Giant Chess Piece Decorations

 I thought it would be fun to include some really big chess pieces for our Wonderland themed prom, but when I looked at the prices online, I knew we'd have to find a way to make theme ourselves. I kept it simple and practically free by drawing a knight and queen silhouette onto a large appliance box. (I think it was an oven box.) Once I cut one side out, I traced it and cut a second to match identically. I flipped the right sides together to trace so the best cardboard would be on the out side of the finished piece.

Then I cut up another box into strips that were 5.5 inches wide, making sure that the corrugation was perpendicular to the length of the strips. Students rolled these up so they could bend around the contour of the horse shape. I used hot glue to trace the edge of the horse, standing the cardboard strips, piece by piece until the contour was complete. Then two students, also with hot glue guns, helped get all of the edges of the strips covered with glue at the same time so we could lay the 2nd horse shape on top while the glue was still hot. It wasn't perfect. We had to trim and caulk to smooth out the edges, before students painted the knight black, and later, the queen white. I love to think of students posing beside or behind these 4.5 foot game pieces.

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