Friday, November 13, 2020

Festival of Trees: Helen Keller's Garden by Georgia Academy for the Blind

The Museum of Art and Science in Macon, Georgia is now having it's annual Festival of Trees. This is a chance for the community to come together to build bridges, while helping raise funds for the museum. I worked with my art students to represent our school by making paper flowers for our Helen Keller's Garden themed tree. Helen Keller was such a gifted writer, so I printed four pages of her quotes to inspire people during this miserable year, and included a range of colors of flowers to represent diversity. I think people with disabilities too often get left out of conversations about diversity in work places and diversity, so this was our way of advocating and showing that everyone deserves a chance to grow in the garden of humanity.

I taught about "form" and "analogous color schemes" during flower week since we were in our Elements of Art unit, so it all come together: standards and application, form and content. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kawanza and Merry Christmas everyone!

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