Monday, February 11, 2019

Monogram Wall Art

Last weekend was a short course weekend at my school with the theme, "Family Matters." I decided to use my Saturday Art time to have students take the initial of their last name and create a small wall hanging to decorate their room or door.

I printed each letter into card stock (2 per page, about 500 pt font). They cut out their letter, and then decorated it. They could glue glitter, buttons, beans, pasta, sand, or beads to make it tactile. They could spray paint their letter with or without texture. Then they picked out an upholstery swatch to cover a piece of cardboard.  We cut the fabric corners to lose the bulk, and hot glued the edges to the back. Students picked a ribbon that matched their fabric or letter, and blued the ends to the back of the upper edge.

 Once the letter  dried it could be glued to the front.  It was interesting to see which students wanted burlap and beans, and which ones wanted the most bling they could get. Some of the girls remarked how much these wall decorations looked like cute gift bags or small purses. That's a project for another day.

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