Friday, July 6, 2018

You're Framed

 When a couple of my students asked for help making frames, I offered the simplest solution I could think of. We used two pieces of cardboard (8" each) with a 4" square cut out of one of them. Upholstery samples were cut slightly larger than each piece of cardboard and glued to the pieces. The corners of the fabric were trimmed, at a 45 degree angle, leaving enough for the thickness of the cardboard to be covered.

Students cut a big "X" from the fabric's 2" square opening in the frames front, and then turned them back and glued them to the opposite side, trimming excess fabric.  Then they placed a picture between the front and back of the frame and glued the two together with hot glue.  These are permanent frames that could be used for memories with friends or favorite kid art to lean on a book shelf.

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