Saturday, April 14, 2018

Soap Box Derby

It started as a sketch  and ended as a 1st place for "Best of Show"at the Soap Box Derby race today. A team of students have been staying after school to build a soap box derby car, and I was given the task of painting the car body.  I made some quick sketches, had my Art students vote. They chose an all-American, Evil Ken-evil, dare-devil style.

So we primed the white car with white spray paint that was supposed to work with plastic. And then we taped out our design, covering the rest with newspaper.  There were lots of glitches, such as the newspaper turning the white to gray, and the paint coming up with the tape to make rough edges. But the vice principal (Thanks Jon!) got some wide tape and stickers to cover the rough spots.  And we'd hoped that during the race, it would look like nothing but a blur.

Here's a link to the news story, about our driver getting ready for today's race.

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