Sunday, April 22, 2018


When my son has a track meet, he drives fifteen minutes to an hour to get to each meet. But when my students want to compete in track events with other blind students, the closest team is in the next state. So once a year, the southern schools for the blind (SCASB) get together for a weekend of track and field. Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi all came to Georgia this last weekend for the fun and stiff competition.

Because this month was very stressful and busy, I tried to keep my contributions simple.
The origami crane center pieces
 from prom three weeks ago were re-purposed for the administrator's dinner. The mini gift were clay ornaments turned magnets with the note "SCASB attracts the best schools."  The prom screen and lights were reused for the SCASB dance. And I painted a photo background with the school mascots.  Our buddies Oklahoma didn't make it, but if they had, they are also panthers. And for some reason I thought Texas was a lion, so I had to repaint it as a wild cat, once I found my mistake. It was a great couple days with a lot of great kids, and I felt lucky to be a part of it.

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