Thursday, March 29, 2018

Wire Art Commission Piece

I just finished a commission piece for the NAEYC (National Association for Education of Young Children).  The sketch they approved was one of a teacher blowing bubbles to gleeful toddlers. They asked that I add the initials of their organization and some glasses on the teacher.  So here's what I ended up doing:  blowing up my drawing until it was 36" X 26".  I traced each figure with wire, and then I filled each shape with curls of plastic wire, and stripes of pipe cleaner. I stitched upholstery fabric, strung beads, and wrapped wire mesh.

I have no control over what color the wall will be behind this piece, and so I tried it out on several walls to make sure each part had enough contrast to be seen from a distance.

The project took about four times longer than I'd anticipated, but that's how it goes with art never know when the muses are going to take a day off.

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