Sunday, February 26, 2017

Screen Printing Camp T-shirts

My school stayed open last weekend for students who wanted to participate in a "short course weekend" experience. Orientation and Mobility was the official course focus since it is part of the Extended Core Curriculum for students who are blind. But music came into enough of our activities that we titled the weekend "Moving and Grooving." Activities included learning how to call and take a cab, taking a downtown walking tour of all the important music sites in the area (like where Little Richard, James Brown, and Ottis Redding got their start, or where Gregg Allman proposed to Cher), Kamikaze Karaoke, learning line dancing, and going on a scavenger hunt.

Our budget kept us from ordering pre-printed t-shirts, so I used the art budget to buy a $4 long-sleeve t-shirt for each student. We organized students into 4 teams, so I got a different color shirt for each team. My husband helped me design a logo, which I sent to my friend, Matt Forrest. He not only got a mini grant to buy a T-shirt press, but he processed the screens, and brought 3 college students as volunteers to help my students print their own shirts. We used hair dryers to dry the ink. It was a great project for a great weekend!

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