Saturday, February 18, 2017

Braille Name Plaque Craft

 This week my school hosted a statewide competition call Braille Challenge, where kids were able to show off their Braille reading and writing skills. This was my third year making crafts with the Braille Rookies. These are the youngest group of blind students who are just starting to learn their alphabet and they are adorable!!!

This year, I thought it would be fun to make name plaques that could be hung on a bedroom wall or door, something that they could be proud of and that would encourage them to continue to learn braille. I bought wooden shapes at Wal-mart for about a buck each, and had them paint them with acrylic.  It didn't take more than a few seconds before one little boy complained that the girl next to him had painted his hair, by accident of course.  Thank heavens for large, cover-up t-shirts, aprons, and wet paper towels. The plaque drying processes was sped up with a heat gun.
We took the painted plaques outside where each Rookie chose a color spray paint and a stencil to create a background for their name. I helped them use the spray paint, which dried almost instantly. And then they used large foam sticky dots for their initials or small ones to braille their name or nickname. They chose and cut a piece of ribbon for me to hot glue to the back, and viola! It took 45 minutes for them to finish the product. I look forward to see these students back at the school in upcoming years as they go from rookie status, to apprentice to master. Braille on, young Rookies, braille on.

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