Sunday, May 22, 2016

Student Spring Art Shows

Art is meant to be shared and students make better art if they know there's a chance each piece will have an audience. Besides, it is an art standard for students to learn how to display their work. I start putting the best work from each student aside, at the beginning of the school year, so that I there is always enough to put together a show or enter student work in competitions. In the past we had an annual student art exhibit, but this year, we had three shows, two in the Spring:  March….

...and May. Rather than buying frames, I reuse the frames around the school that have been holding the same student work as long as anyone can remember (including people who have been there for 15 years).
I am trying to swap out 1/3 of the frames each year so that every 3 years there is a fresh body of work by current students. I think it's important for current students to feel that they are a part of the school with contributions to make. 

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