Monday, December 28, 2020

Weaving Project


The Kente Cloth paper weaving assignment from the previous week was good preparation for weaving an actual textile. Students still had to understand warp and weft, and still had to recognize that color choices had symbolic as well as aesthetic consequences. The only differences is that instead of up, down, up, down, students were going under, over, under, over using long plastic needles to snake their yarn across the warp threads on the loom.
Some students were able to fee their way, while other, low vision students preferred to see the process with a magnifier. And others figured out how to weave hot pads with stretchy loops, like they were born doing it. It is a great fine motor assignment and almost therapeutic for students who catch on. I read a book out-loud for those who could work independently and it became an hour of sanity during midterms for other classes.

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