Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Painted Pots & Plants Project

A school's Art room is often simultaneously the school's garbage can, with teachers constantly coming and asking "Can you use this?", and the school's gift shop, with administrators saying, "We have a special guest coming today, do you have something we can give them?"  In the past, I've kept a few student-made ornaments or magnets on hand, but this year I decided to have a couple more projects worked into the curriculum that can be used for gift or sales opportunities.

One of these assignments was to paint a terracotta pot, with colors and  patterns to make it unique.  When the fundraiser for the senior trip approached, I heard the call for silent auction items, and went to the shelf of pots that had been sitting there for a couple of months.  Luckily, our horticulture teacher was on board with donating plants, and so it became an interdisciplinary lesson and collaboration to pot birds nest plants and auction them off. Too often student fundraisers are working with companies that take a big cut of the sales, but since these projects are using classroom materials that would have been spent on learning experiences anyway, (a buck or two worth of supplies per pot), the entire price goes right back to support the students.  Come out to the silent auction and corn hole tournament on November 16th to help GAB students earn and learn!

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