Saturday, April 13, 2019

Knuffle bunny Art Lesson

Student drawings in marker of robots collaged onto a a magazine picture of a safe.
Illustrator Mo Williems has a very simple style of illustration, and flat but expressive. In his Caldecott award winning book Knuffle Bunny, these characters are imposed onto black and white photographs, giving us a detailed feel for the New York setting.

My students loved the book and enjoyed the group exercise of developing characters based on their gender, age, family placement, time, place, what they wanted, and what was keeping them from getting what they wanted.  After a couple of group characters, each student created their own list of characteristics and a drawing of their character. These were then placed onto a background (magazine image) via collage. The students were fascinated by the illustration process and ticked to get to introduce their creation to their classmates.

Student drawing in colored pencil of a green figure with red eyes on a whimsical magazine illustration

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