Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pasta Angel Ornaments

Angel ornaments are very inexpensive and easy to make. Once you have the supplies you can make a couple dozen in an evening, which is something I did as a poor newly wed. They hold up fairly well considering the fact that they are made from pasta. The one pictured here has gotten by with just a chipped wing from the 16 years of use.

Start by gluing a hairline on a small (about 3/4") wooden ball , and filling it in.  Elmer's is fine. Dip the ball in a cup of frog eye pasta or couscous. Then take a piece of bowtie pasta to use for the wings.  Cut a second bowtie, with kitchen sheers, and use that half for the skirt. Hot glue the head and skirt to the wings, before adding 2 pieces of elbow macaroni coming in towards the center of the wings. These are the arms. Make as many as you'd like before lining them up to spray paint white. A few coats front and back will do the trick. Hot glue a small ribbon bow and craft store flower over where the hands would be  a small loop of tiny beads for a halo, and a loop of ribbon to use as a hanger. I still have a couple that I made 17 years ago with my friend Missy Stowell. This isn't a kid friendly project since the hot glue burns, but it makes great gift toppers. I have happy memory of Missy Stowell showing me how to make these, and am happy to share the joy with you.


  1. No way! Sadie and I just made these last week! Before that, I don't think I've made them since the time you and I made them together. :) What a happy memory.

    1. We're still making your chile recipe too. Thanks for sharing your talents, Missy.