Thursday, April 23, 2015

Georgia O'Keefe Enlarged Flower Assignment

Art History Books are full of male artists, so I always enjoy when I can teach a lesson based around a woman as important as Georgia O'Keefe, the Mother of Modernist Painting. I love how she takes something as small as a flower and makes it so large that you have to take notice. For a spring-time appropriate assignment, we discussed O'Keefe's history and subjects before students each chose a flower to use as their subject. I'd originally wanted to make them choose a flower that was native to our state, but it soon became clear that they would work harder if it was a flower to which they felt a personal connection.

Many students used a print out of a flower, drew a grid on top of it in order to duplicate it on a large piece of paper (also with a grid). Oil pastel was the medium of choice for my students with low vision

Although for those who are blind, I drew their flower in hot glue, and then they used watercolor to fill in the shapes. Every student seemed to take a lot of pride in their finished product.

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