Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Aesthetic America

Part of being in artists is a heart-pounding-breathless enthusiasm for beauty. As a freshman in college, I sprinted home to share an amazing rainbow with my roommates."Oh, Kristen,"was their response. "Don't be such an artist."
Worst advice ever.
Being an artist and enjoying the beauties of the natural world are things that bring me joy. Last month my family wrapped up a road trip which included visits to 21 National Parks and Historic Sites in 18 states. It was a thrill to take in the variety of colors and textures of the American landscape. I'm happy to share some of the eye-candy the natural world has to offer.



  1. This makes me nostalgic for the desert of my youth. Is that Goblin Valley I see? Here is a photo I took near there in Little Wild Horse canyon.

    That is an ugly link, I hope it works...

  2. I haven't been to Goblin Valley but I hear it's great. The red landscape 5 pictures from the the top is a pull off (Cliff Dwellers) between Zion and the Grand Canyon (also pictured). The 2nd picture is of Bandalier in New Mexico. Other pictures include the Badlands, Petrified Forest, Sunset Volcano, Yellowstone, and the Alpine loop.